Engine 2 & Engine 3 are identical 2002 Spartan/Precision rescue pumpers with 6-man enclosed and air-conditioned cabs, powered by Detroit Diesel Series 60 430 horsepower engines and Allison automatic transmissions. They are equipped with Hale 1500 gallon per minute single stage rear-mounted pumps, 500-gallon water tanks, 15 gallons of Class A foam for ordinary-combustible firefighting, and 85 gallons of Class B foam for flammable liquid fires. Each carries 114 feet of ground ladders. They also are equipped with Hurst High Pressure combination rescue tools, DeWalt 36v cordless tools, and cribbing for vehicle rescue. Scene lighting and power are provided by 15KW hydraulic generators and 7000 watts of quartz halogen lighting, including Willburt Night Scan Chief light towers.

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Engine 1  is a 2012  Spartan / Precision pumper with a 6-man enclosed cab, powered by a Cummins ISL 450 horsepower engine and Allison automatic transmission. It is equipped with a Hale 1,500 gallon per minute single stage midship-mounted pump, 500-gallon water tank, 15 gallons of Class A foam for ordinary-combustible firefighting, and 85 gallons of Class B foam for flammable liquid fires. The ground ladder complement totals 110 feet.

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Truck 198 is a 2011 Spartan/Smeal 6-man cab, 105′ Rear Mount Quint powered by a 525 HP caterpillar Diesel motor and an Allison Automatic Transmission.  The Quint has a 1,500 gpm Hale single-stage pump and carries 480 gallons of water and 20 gallons of Class A Foam.

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198 is a 2008 Spartan / Precision Rescue, powered by a Cummins 500 horsepower engine and Allison automatic transmission. A 21 foot non-walkin stainless steel body is paired with a Spartan MFD cab and chassis with seating for 6 firefighters. Three hydraulic reels, two electric reels, two low pressure air reels and one high pressure breathing air reel provide immediate light, power and rescue capabilities. An array of Hurst High Pressure hydraulic rescue tools are carried, as well as DeWalt corded and 36v cordless power tools. Both gasoline powered and electric circular, ventilation and concrete chain saws allow cutting virtually any material, in any location. A 30KW Harrison hydraulic generator provides light and power. A total of 10,450 watts of quartz halogen scene lighting is available, plus a 27′ vertical light tower equipped with two 1000 watt metal halide floodlights. Three winches allow securing vehicles in precarious positions; a portable 2000 pound gasoline-powered unit, vehicle mounted 5000 pound electric unit which can be attached to either side or the rear, and a 12,000 pound electric unit mounted in the front bumper. The vehicle is designed to support vehicle, trench, elevator, high- and low-angle rope, and confined space rescue; has Hazmat (Hazardous Materials) incident mitigation supplies; provides for refill of SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Appartus) at fire incidents; illuminates emergency scenes for safety, and is the primary RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) unit.

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198 Command Vehicle is a 2006 Chevrolet/Dodgen Industries mobile command and communications vehicle. It is powered by an 8.1-liter gasoline engine and Allison automatic transmission. It is used as a field command post and communications center, to transport personnel to emergencies and training sessions, can be a rehabilitation area for firefighters, and may provide shelter for displaced residents in inclement weather. The interior has a conference area, multiple dry-erase boards, four workstations with laptop computers, print/scan/copy machine, wireless internet and fax, GPS mapping, and both cellular and hard-wire phone capabilities. Equipped with two 7,000 watt Onan gasoline generators, ten mobile radios, a portable repeater, two televisions, restroom and kitchenette, it brings an emergency management center  on wheels to the scene of an emergency.

Our 1932 Pirsch Engine is now owned by Ed Meyer, Retired Platoon Chief, this engine was made by cutting the frame rails of the 1932 Pirsch Quad to shorten the apparatus in 1951 when the first ladder truck was purchased. The Pirsch was in active status until 1968. The Pirsch is used for community events and parades and is a great public relations tool to show how the fire service has changed in the past 70 years.