Household Waste

A Recycling Resource Guide is available here:

Used Motor Oil

Advance Auto Parts – 1011 Washington Ave., Carnegie  – (412) 276-4260
Pennzoil 10 Min. Oil Change – 3307 Library Rd., Castle Shannon – (412) 885-3480
Quick Change – 1741 Painters Run Rd., Upper St.Clair – (412) 221-7820

Used Car, Household & UPS Batteries

Batteries Plus – 3912 Library Rd., Castle Shannon – (412) 531-1690

Coolants & Glycols

Safety Kleen – 650 Noble Dr., West Mifflin – (412) 462-0644

Corrosives & Acids

Weavertown Environmental Group – 2 Dorrington Rd., Carnegie – (724) 746-4850
ETSS, Inc. – P.O. Box 15332, Pittsburgh – (412) 321-1214

Flammables & Petroleum-based Products

United Environmental Group – 241 McAleer Rd., Sewickly – (412) 367-8265


Weavertown Environmental Group – 2 Dorrington Rd., Carnegie – (724) 746-4850
Safety Kleen – 650 Noble Dr., West Mifflin – (412) 462-0644

Pesticides & Herbicides

Weavertown Environmental Group – 2 Dorrington Rd., Carnegie – (724) 746-4850
PA Dept. of Agriculture – 6 McIntyre Rd., Gibsonia – (724) 443-1585


N.T.B. – 2000 Greentree Rd., Scott Twp. ($2.00 per tire off rim) – (412) 561-2214
Protire – 3349 Library Rd.,  Castle Shannon ($2.50 per tire off rim) – (412) 885-8473

Needles & Syringes

St. Clair Hospital -1000 Bower Hill Rd., Mt. Lebanon– (412) 561-4900

Appliances containing Freon

Triangle Air Conditioning Co., Inc. – 1810 Main St., Bridgeville – (412) 257-2677
Parkway Heating and Air Conditioning – 21 South Cowan Rd., Carnegie – (412) 279-6001

Small Arms Ammunition

Mike Oettinger – Mt. Lebanon – (412) 343-0839


For additional Information:

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection – 1-800-346-4242

Or the Pennsylvania Resource Council website:


Disposal Recommendations

Latex paints can be left to dry by removing the lid and allowing the leftover product to dry. This should be done in an area which is away from children and animals. Allow the remaining paint to dry completely. The container can then be disposed of in your household trash. Leave the lid off the can so that your household refuse hauler can see that the paint is hardened. To speed the drying process mix “Waste Paint Hardener” into the can and allow it to solidify. Place can and solidified contents out for regular trash with lid open. “Waste Paint Hardener” may be purchased at Rollier’s Hardware on Washington Road.

Solvent-based Paints – (also known as alkyd or oil-based) require special disposal practices. Solvent-based paints are ignitable and present particular hazards. These products should NOT be disposed of down storm sewers, household drains, or on the ground. Solvent-based paints should be disposed of as a household hazardous waste. Hold for a “Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day.”

Paint thinners, turpentine, mineral spirits and solvents should NOT be poured down a drain or storm sewer. With a few simple steps, you can reuse these types of products. Let used turpentine or brush cleaners sit in a closed container until the paint particles settle out, then pour off the clear liquid which can be reused. Add an absorbent (i.e. cat litter) to the remaining residue and let it dry completely.

Aerosol Cans – To dispose of aerosol cans proceed as follows: place wadded newspaper in a cardboard box to absorb expelled contents. Without shaking the can hold it upside down and aim the discharge onto the newspaper. After all the propellant has been discharged dispose of the can and paper with the regular trash.

Propane Tanks – If cylinder is empty remove the valve and dispose of both with regular trash. If the tank still contains propane contact the fire department for specific advice.

Needles – Household needles/syringes can be placed in a heavy duty container (coffee can, laundry detergent bottle, etc.), sealed and secured with tape. However, a special “sharps” container is preferred. Sharps containers are available from St. Clair Hospital. The container and contents can be taken to the Housekeeping Dept. at St. Clair Hospital for proper disposal.


Examples of Household Hazardous Waste

·Ammonia cleaners ·Motor oil ·Mercury
·Oven cleaners ·Gasoline ·Latex/water-based paint
·Floor care products ·Kerosene ·Oil-based paint
·Insecticides ·Auto body repair products ·Turpentine & thinner
·Window cleaners ·Windshield washer solution ·Paint stripper
·Furniture polish ·Antifreeze ·Rust remover
·Aluminum cleaners ·Diesel fuel ·Varnish
·Drain cleaners ·Brake fluid ·Wood preservative
·Metal polishes ·Car wax ·Other paint products
· Household cleaners ·Lead acid batteries ·Muriatic and other acids
·Fuel oil & other oils
BATHROOM ITEMS ·Transmission fluid MISC. ITEMS
·Alcohol-based lotions ·Metal polish with solvent ·Gun cleaning solvents
·Isopropyl alcohol ·Other automotive products ·Photographic chemicals
·Expired medicine ·Dry cleaning solvents
·Disinfectant GARDEN ITEMS ·Lighter fluid
·Permanent lotions ·Fertilizer ·Shoe polish
·Nail polish & remover ·Pesticide/insecticide ·Fiberglass epoxy
·Toilet bowl cleaner ·Fungicide ·Swimming pool acid
·Tub & tile cleaners ·Rat poison ·Moth balls
·Depilatories ·Herbicide ·Glue
·Hair relaxers ·Weed killer ·Mercury batteries
· Bathroom cleaners ·U.P.S. Systems
·Household batteries