Smoke Detector Program



One of the most important things you can do to help keep you and your family safe at home is to have working smoke detectors. The National Fire Protection Association recommends a smoke detector on each floor and in each sleeping area of every home. 33% of homes in Mt Lebanon do not have a single working smoke detector. This isn’t okay, and we want to fix it.


The Mt Lebanon Fire Department is focusing on our elderly and disabled residents, and those who are simply unable to purchase their own detectors. Due to a grant we received for this purpose, we can provide and install one smoke detector free of charge in residences in Mt Lebanon. We can also help you check your existing smoke detectors, or install detectors that you provide. There are no fees for any of these services. Please help us spread the word.

To schedule an appointment, or find out more information, please call the Mt Lebanon Fire Department non-emergency number: 412-343-3402.



Smoke Detector Care, Placement & Maintenance

At a minimum, a smoke detector should be installed on every floor in your home.  If possible, smoke detectors should also be installed in each sleeping area.   In the event of a fire, an individual may not hear a detector that is in a hallway if they are sleeping. 

In general, smoke detectors should be placed  in the center of a ceiling or,  if placed  on a wall, they should be at least 10 inches below the ceiling.  If a wall mounted detector is placed too close to the ceiling or a ceiling mounted detector is placed in a corner, an air pocket may form around them, possibly making them slower to detect a smoke condition.  Smoke detectors should also not be mounted to close to a kitchen or fireplace due to the potential for numerous false alarms that may lead to an immunity to the alarm in the event of a real fire.

Finally, smoke detectors should be tested monthly.  If the detector fails to activate, check and/or replace the batteries.  Also, if the detector begins to “chirp”, this is likely an indication that the detector is low and the batteries need to be replaced.  Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years.