Emergency Medical


The Department assists the private EMS agency when requested and responds as a Basic Life Support Provider on high priority incidents when all EMS units are busy.  The Department is recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Heath as a Quick Response Service.  All of the career staff and ten of the volunteers are certified as Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics.

The Mt. Lebanon Fire Department’s 1st unit benchmark is to respond to all emergency medical incidents in 6 minutes or less, total response time, 90% of the time.  The first due unit shall be staffed with a minimum of two emergency medical technicians and be capable of providing basic life support until advanced life support arrives.  The Department will continue to assist the private EMS agency and provide basic life support as requested/necessary.  

The Medical Rescue Team South Authority (MRTSA) is the private EMS agency that provides emergency medical care to the residents of Mt. Lebanon.  MRTSA is committed to the continuous improvement of preventive and dynamic health care services in ways that will contribute to a “seamless” transition of patients through the continuum of care.  MRTSA also continues to seek ways to insure that they are meeting the challenges of an ever-changing health care delivery system, however that system may develop.  Visit the MRTSA Website for more information.