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Frequently Asked Questions
What is LeboEmergency?

LeboEmergency is a new alert system that will send news and instructions during life-threatening emergencies to everyone in our database. When you enroll, you can add your cell phone number to the database and select to receive text messages, phone calls, messages and emails on the go. You also can add landlines to receive phone calls and TTY messages.


What sorts of alerts will I get?

This program is strictly for life-threatening emergencies, such as active shooter situations, gas leaks, evacuations, chemical leaks, natural disasters, missing persons, etc. If you wish to receive non-emergency alerts about such things as road closures, cancellations due to inclement weather and crime alerts, subscribe to LeboALERT on the municipal website, www.mtlebanon.org.

Will I get every alert that is sent out?

No. The software allows emergency management staff to send messages to all subscribers or to send just to people who are close to the danger. That way, you are not bothered by situations that would not affect you.

How do you know where I am?

When you sign up, you will be asked for your home address. Targeted notices will be sent to your contact preferences if you live in an affected area. You also can choose to download the CodeRED app, and you will receive emergency alerts if you are physically located near the incident, as long as you have location services enabled on your cellphone.

What is the cost?

It is free to enroll; however, refer to your cellphone plan to see if your plan charges for text messages.

What else will you do with my personal information?

Nothing. We will never sell or give away any of your information and you will never receive spam or advertisements of any kind.

How will I know it is safe again?

All LeboEmergency notifications will include a follow-up message to let you know the situation has concluded.

Must I live in Mt. Lebanon to enroll?

No. We think it will also be helpful for people who work in Mt. Lebanon or own businesses or property here. If you have family in a senior care facility or children in preschool or daycare here, you also may want access to these alerts.

Prepared by the Mt. Lebanon Public Information Office, July 2019