Fun Stuff

USFA For Kids


USFA for Kids includes coloring pages, crossword puzzles, word searches, matching game and fire safety related information for kids.




Sparky the Fire Dog

Sparky the Fire Dog
includes games, activities, fire trucks, sparky stuff, cartoons, and more.



Fire Safety for Kids




Fire Safety for Kids includes games pages, danger challenge, exit drill, coloring book, and word search.


Club Fire Facts


 Club Fire Facts includes games, safety messages, activities, coloring pages and more.




 Survive Alive


Firefighters Survive Alive
includes a village tour, firefighter gear and escape videos, Find the Hazards Game, and coloring pages.





Code Red Rover

Code Red Rover wants you to become a Safety Ranger!  Meet Freddie the Flashlight and play lots of home safety games.  Also, download stickers and coloring pages.