1st Grade

What I learned today:


First Visit –
  • We reviewed STOP DROP and ROLL and talked about how matches and lighters are tools for grown-ups.
  • We talked about how things in the world are different.  Different shape, different color, different size.
  • We learned that things are also different temperatures, like HOT and COLD.  Easy right?
  • We talked about what happens if we touch something hot, like a cookie sheet.  We get burned.
  • We learned that if we get a burn, the best way to treat it is to put it under cold water.
  • We learned how to tell which side of the sink has cold water.  We learned that the cold water sometimes has a blue mark on the faucet or the word cold.  We also learned that the cold water is always on the right!
  • We then got a “pretend burn” and practiced cooling it under cold water at the sink.
Second Visit –
  • We reviewed STOP, DROP and ROLL and Cooling a Burn.
  • We then talked about signs, like stop signs, pedestrian crossing signs and yield signs.  These signs help keep us safe.
  • We talked about firefighter’s favorite sign, the EXIT sign.

  • The EXIT sign is our favorite because it helps people get out of unfamiliar buildings like shopping malls, airports and hospitals.
  • We learned that when we hear a fire alarm we need to find the nearest EXIT sign to point the way out.
  • We learned that just like in big buildings we have something in our home that tells us to find the way out and fast.  The SMOKE DETECTOR!Learn more about smoke alarms
  • We learned that fires make lots of toxic, dangerous smoke that we can’t breath.
  • We learned the best way to get out of a fire is to CRAWL LOW UNDER THE SMOKE and move towards the exit.
  • We practiced crawling low under smoke.
  • We learned that WHEN WE ARE OUT WE STAY OUT.

Learn more about Escaping from Fire