3rd Grade

What I learned today:


First Visit –
  • We reviewed the meeting place from last year and the four requirements for a good meeting place.
  • The meeting place is where we want to end up.  How do we get there?
  • We have to have a plan and we have to practice.
  • We made a floor plan of a house and drew escape routes from each room on the plan.
  • Each room has to have TWO WAYS OUT.  The first way is the one we use most of the time, this is called the PRIMARY ESCAPE ROUTE.  This is usually a door. 
  • The second way out is called the SECONDARY ESCAPE ROUTE.  This is usually a  window.
  • We learned that if we are in our room when the smoke alarm sounds we should crawl to the door and crack it open to check for smoke.  If the route is clear we take our primary escape route.
  • If it is blocked by heat, smoke or flame we close our door and go to the secondary route.
  • We signal the fire department by yelling and waving our arms or a blanket.  This even works if the window is in the back of the house because a firefighter will always walk all the way around a building that is on fire.
  • Our homework is to draw a floor plan of our house with two ways out of each room.  We then are to practice our plan with our family. 

Watch a Fire Safety Escape Plan Video

Tips for making your Great Escape fun

Second Visit –
  • We reviewed escape planning and made sure everyone made an escape plan for their home.
  • We learned that EDITH stands for Escape Drills In The Home.  Just like fire drills at school.
  • We talked about the importance of practicing anything we want to be good at like an instrument or a sport.
  • We learned that families need to practice their family escape plan at least once a year to be good at it.
  • We watched a video called The Great Escape Challenge about two families practicing their plans.
  • We learned that we must never go back inside a burning building.
  • We learned that we should always check a door for smoke or heat before opening it when the smoke detector is going off.
  • We reviewed the importance of smoke detectors, the meeting place and practicing a family escape plan.

Download a Home Fire Safety Checklist