What I learned today:

First visit –
  • You learned about the two kinds of fire – helpful fire and harmful fire.
  • An example of a helpful fire would be a fire in your fireplace on a cold winter day.
  • An example of a harmful fire would be a fire in a bedroom of an apartment building.
  • We learned that sometimes we can have a fire on our clothes, hair or body.  This is surely a harmful fire.
  • The best way to put out a fire on ourselves is to STOP, DROP and ROLL.

  • While we roll we cover our face to protect our mouth, nose and eye.
  • We then practiced STOP DROP and ROLL.  Want to try?

STOP, DROP & ROLL with Sparky


Second Visit –
  • We reviewed what we learned last visit.
  • We then talked about tools and toys.  Tools help us do a job.  Toys help us play.
  • We then talked about how some tools are for everyone, such as a comb and that other tools, like an electric saw are only for grown-ups.
  • We talked about a very important GROWN UP ONLY tool – matches and lighters.
  • We learned that if we find matches or a lighter we LEAVE IT THERE and TELL A GROWN UP!

Play Sparky’s Eye for Safety Game